YouTube - Microsoft Windows Vista: MISLEADING!
Do you have a 64-bit processor? Did you think you were going to get a 64-bit OS when you purchased your copy of Windows Vista?Well I did...But why misleadin...
Windows Ultimate
YouTube - Vista Instalation crashed
zachciało mi się Visty ;) od razu widać profesjonalizm MS :) :D:D:D
YouTube - Vista Bluescreen
30 min after installation...
YouTube - Windows Vista: BSOD after 1 minute!!
I try to install Windows Vista on my notebook. Boot from DVD, and after one minute... CRASH!
YouTube - Windows VISTA crash
solo instale el alcohol 120% y palmo,tengo 512mb de ram y palmo
YouTube - My first VISTA's BlueScreen
Installed VISTA, installed ATI's VISTA drivers and .... my system crashes when shutdown.Oh my God!. I will try to work with Ubuntu. ;-)
YouTube - Microsoft Windows Vista ...?? ... CRASHED!!
Ahaha As many other another Windows Vista crashing Video, commented in italian. This installations comes from an Update from Windows XP Professional wich bec...
YouTube - Vista blue screen
see i got more than 10x blue screen only trying to isntall my tv card and still doenst work 100%
YouTube - Windows Vista ANI File Handling DoS
In this clip, a malicious ANI file is dropped onto the Vista desktop. Explorer crashes and restarts, and crashes and restarts, and crashes and ...This is th...
YouTube - windows made me so mad
i got so angry at windows i got a mac and made this video to explain why p.s it was done on windows explanation at the end PLEASE COMENT : )
YouTube - Re: Vista Blue Screen
Why vista sucks!
YouTube - Windows Vista startup sound, and then some
Could this be what happens AFTER the new startup sound completes? Got bugs?
YouTube - Microsoft Windows Vista "conspiracy" ?
A few weeks ago I decided to clean the inside of our windows. Someone else usually does it and uses their own cleaning stuff. Realising it would take me a wh...
YouTube - Windows Vista
I talk about Windows Vista and why everything I've heard about it pisses me off.
YouTube - Vista Downgrade -- The Killer App
If you've installed Windows Vista and aren't happy (ok, that's everybody) this is the product you need. It will solve your problems, fix the errors, and gen...
windows vista - Google Video
windows vista windows vista windows vista windows vista windows vista windows vista windows vista windows vista windows vista windows vista .... Mar 18, 2006.
YouTube - WINDOWS VISTA Installation. Should you install or not?
READ THIS!! Case opening PARODY is just for FUN. I have top quality computer parts that are only 2 years old, so don't say to me "you have an old crappy co...
YouTube - Vista Sucks
just watch the video,you will get it!
YouTube - Windows Vista Rant
Please don't buy. Slow as hell at times. 'Nuff said.
YouTube - Vista woes
Just a very boring video showing how vista can be aggravating to the say the least.